A redesigned citizenship app that helps immigrants study for the US Civics test in order to pass the naturalization test






Class / Interface Design I, Winter 2017
Duration / 5 weeks

My Role / UX, visuals and animations for flashcard & learn tab
Teammates / Kate Degman, Julie Kim and Jennifer Vuong



Qualitative Research 


•  Recruited 2 participants who never used the app before
•  Using the think aloud method, participants browsed the app
•  Using the card sorting method, participants categorized the information of the app
•  Researched online for more in-depth information on the citizenship process & test

Research Insights

•  Users had a difficult time navigating through the app such as exiting modals and accessing flashcard categories
•  Users were confused using features of the app such as studying through flashcards

1. Inconsistent interactions



•  The card sorting method would help us design a new intuitive information architecture

2. Overwhelming information architecture


•  Users found the app visually unappealing

3. Visual inconsistencies

Design Goals

1.  Make the app intuitive and predictable for the user
2. Improve information hierarchy
3. Create a visually pleasing app so the experience feels delightful


Designing Flashcards & Learn Tab

citizenship final flowww.jpg

A sitemap of our app redesign with my flashcard flow highlighted. The new sitemap includes onboarding and reduced to 3 main links from 7. 

Information architecture



Flashcards & learn design iterations weeks 1-4


Original Design

citizenship original screens.jpg

Final Design

citizenship app screens preview.jpg
citizenship ui kit white background2.jpg
citizenship app features3.jpg
citizenship mockup perspective final2.jpg

Final video

00:00-00:10 Onboarding
00:10-00:15 Home and test progress
00:15-00:29 Learn and flashcards
00:29-00:34 Multiple choice
00:34-00:54 Audio test