A straightforward, minimalistic redesign of the Skype app made for business professionals and friends/family members at a long-distance.






Role / Lead UI designer, focused on improving interaction of making an individual video call
Teammates / Jennifer Vuong and Coleman Rogers
Class / Interface Design I, Winter 2017
Duration / 3 weeks

The purpose of this project is to redesign the Skype app and improve the user interface for the following common use cases:
1.   Making an individual video call    
2.   Making a test call
3.   Making a group video call



Research & Insights

A user test of the original Skype app using the think aloud method helped us identify the following pain points of the app:

1. Main issue of making an individual video call was user's difficulty in navigating through the contacts
2. Unintuitive with a few missing functions
• No separate page for groups, making it more difficult to make group video calls
3. Unorganized/busy layout of the overall app and lacking in UI design

skype original screens2.png

Design Goals

1. Design a straightforward, simplified intuitive app that solely focuses on allowing users to communicate effectively through the app
2. Improve UI design while staying consistent with the Skype brand



I created wireframes and a template for my group
members to create visual consistency

Original Design


Final Design

skype portfolio perspective screens.jpg
skype portfolio mockup.jpg

Visual Identity

Final Video

00:00-00:06 Basic intro of the app
 00:06-00:31: Making a test call
00:31-00:48: Making an individual video call
00:48-01:30: Making a group call




Main Improvements